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What are the Standard Commissions for a Software Product?
What commission should the Partner get and what affects this decision?
by Donagh Kiernan

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This can be a complex subject as there are many factors to consider but some basic considerations should be thought through.

It’s a simple discussion on Return on Investment. If the Partner invests time and money in selling your product what return will they gain. There are many things affecting this decision.

1)      Is it easy to sell your product?

Either it’s so compelling an offer to the buyer and/or the market need is so great. If it’s easy to sell then the effort in selling is low. There are many ways to ease the effort in sales, but it does cost.

2)      Is the Partner selling to that customer anyway and this is extra revenue?

If they are calling to that customer and already have a relationship then it may be very easy for them to present another offering.

3)      Is the commission you award the only profit the partner will make from the sale?

Are they selling other products or services as part of or following the sale of your product? The profit from the service they are selling may be significant and the commissions may be reduced.

4)      Are there many products competing for the Partner’s attention?

When the Partner has choices on what product to sell then they can negotiate better commissions from competing vendors. You can compete in this situation when you understand how the competition partner.

5)      How does the Cost of the Channel compare on direct Customer Acquisition costs?

On the question of selling direct or through partners, consider what your direct sales cost of customer acquisition would be in the Partner’s market. Then understand the value the partner is bringing.

6)      How will you gain if the Partner sells?

You gain when the partner sells. The Partner is rewarded according to the value they’re bringing to the process.

This is a brief summary of items in the commission’s consideration. Maidsfield Associates delivers for high growth technology companies with Partnering Strategy, Partner Recruitment and Partner Management.

How do you make it easier for your partners to sell?

To find out more contact us at or call us on +353212307117

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